Adam Orth is an award-winning creative director, game, narrative and experience designer, writer and musician passionate about creating immersive, interactive digital experiences.

Adam has held executive, creative and design positions at AAA video game publishers and developers including: Sony Santa Monica, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Lucasarts and PopCap Games.

He has collaborated directly with Pixar, George Lucas, Frank Miller and has created digital entertainment for Lucasfilm, NASA, National Geographic, Nike, AMC Television and more.

Adam is the creator of the groundbreaking VR experience ADR1FT and served as a multi-faceted creative developer, designer, writer, producer and strategist on the critically-acclaimed first-party PlayStation title Firewall Zero Hour PSVR at First Contact Entertainment.

Adam is an active digital entertainment consultant, VR pioneer, BAFTA LA member, AIAS member and a regular speaker at digital entertainment events like GDC, VRDC, D.I.C.E. Summit, Comicon, VIEW, VRLA, CES and VR on the Lot.